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We adapt our services to suit the needs of your school. Take a look below at how we do this.

School benefits

  • Enables teachers and support staff to gain an insight to students’ academic and pastoral support needs with the help of our ‘passport to success’ and comprehensive end-of-programme evaluation.

  • Raises student aspirations and prepares them for year 7 teaching and learning.

  • Allows students to start school in September with an understanding of your achievement and sanction policies.

  • Provides opportunities for KS4 students to develop their own leadership skills and gain a qualification in the process


Detailed planning

Detailed planning and delivery of transition programme (with school input)

Student evaluation

From initial meeting right through to a detailed assessment of every student


Management of child protection and safeguarding during programme delivery

Peer mentorship

Year 10 and 11 students are given the opportunity to act as mentors for new year 7 students

Trained teachers

Experienced teachers and SEND support staff throughout programme delivery

Celebration & awards

A ceremony to recognise students and reward success in a positive and memorable way

Passport to Success

Every student taking part in The Big Step summer programme will receive a ‘Passport to Success’. This passport provides activities for students to complete during the programme.

The passport encourages the students to track and manage their progress, complete literacy and numeracy tasks and provide their year 7 tutors with an insight in to their hopes and fears before the autumn term commences.

Each of our passports are bespoke and designed specifically to meet the needs of  each school.

What's in the passport?

  • A tracker to encourage students to track and manage their progress and reflect on their learning

  • Literacy and numeracy tasks

  • Examples of student work to provide to year 7 tutors

  • A space for students and their parents/carers to record any hopes and fears about their new school

Peer mentoring

Peer mentors are invaluable as they will have experienced the same issues and concerns and can offer support from a young person's perspective. The aims of peer mentoring are as follows:

  • Provide role models

  • Develop relationships between older and younger students

  • Develop leadership skills with the possibility of gaining leadership qualification in the process

  • Embed the programme within the school's culture



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