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A year 6-7 summer programme aimed at smoothing the transition for children moving from primary to secondary school.

About us

Our programmes are delivered by teachers and take place for one week over the course of the summer holidays. We pride ourselves on providing new students with a smooth and extensive programme that means students can arrive on their first day of school excited about the next chapter of their education, rather than feeling apprehensive about the journey ahead of them.

The programme is both educational and fun with curiosity central, to inspire students to learn. The timetable is interactive, challenging and has clear outcomes. There is a clear focus on identifying the needs of each student and then working with them to maintain their literacy and numeracy levels so that gains in primary school are not lost in transition.


Empowering children to arrive at school in September excited, confident and prepared for their new journey ahead.




2×300 children attended one of our programmes in 2021



We delivered our programmes to 17 secondary schools



We are present in schools across Devon, Cornwall and Somerset


To receive national recognition as an innovative, dedicated and passionate team of educational professionals, with the sole aim of making a child's transition to secondary school a positive experience for everyone involved. 

A word from our CEO...