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We’re more than just a holiday club. Check out how we can help your child settle in to their new life at secondary school. 


A child’s transition from primary to secondary school can be equally emotional for you too. The Big Step aims to alleviate some of your worries by giving your child the opportunity to make new friends, get to know their way around their new school and understand what is expected of them – giving them a head start before their first day in September.

From the moment your child has been accepted into their new school and you have completed our online booking form, we work with you to support your child’s transition. Whether your child has additional needs, an EHCP, or is just a little bit nervous, our aim is to be by their side every step of the way. Our experienced teaching staff are available to chat with you before our transition programmes start for extra peace of mind.


Free resources

We offer free advice and resources to all parents whose children are taking part in The Big Step summer programmes

Affordable childcare

Our educational summer programme is affordable and comes with the option of monthly installments

Alleviate concerns

You can rest assured knowing that your child will make a positive transition from primary to secondary school

Our aims for your child


  • Ensure a smooth transition from primary to secondary school

  • Improve literacy and numeracy skills

  • Develop and improve confidence and self-esteem

  • Improve educational attainment, ensuring gains made in primary school are not lost in transition

  • Provide the opportunity for students to familiarise themselves with their new school

  • Help students to meet and make new friends

  • Provide a taster of activities and learning, allowing students to gain new skills and knowledge

How we deliver


  • Learning objectives are delivered in a creative and inspiring way

  • We focus on improving literacy and numeracy through a planned curriculum

  • Our programmes are delivered by experienced teachers and trained coaches

  • We provide an environment where students and families can share questions and concerns about their transition to secondary school



We’ve done what we can to match childcare in your local area so that our programmes are accessible to everyone*. Pay in one go or in installments - it’s entirely up to you.


Check out what activities are on offer for your child at one of our summer transition programmes.

Celebration and awards

Celebrate your child’s achievements and successes with family and friends at our end of programme awards ceremony.


Don’t forget to read our FAQs page where we cover the most commonly asked questions from parents.

What to pack

Click print and tick off our ‘essential kit list’ for your child’s action packed week on our summer programme.