Is your child moving up to secondary school in September?

Wish you could make it less daunting for them?

You can, with The Big Step

Moving up from primary to secondary school can be one of the biggest changes in a child’s life.

Even for confident kids it’s stressful and anxiety-inducing. Those feelings can build up once the reality of leaving primary school hits home. It’s that transition which requires some careful planning and attention.

The Big Step is a bespoke summer programme designed to empower children heading into Year 7, so they arrive at school in September feeling confident, excited, and ready for their next adventure.

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Our Ofsted registered programme will enable your child to:


Students experience thrilling sports, orienteering challenges as well as arts, crafts and problem-solving activities

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It’s an opportunity for them to test the water before they jump in.

Our programme is designed for everyone including children with special needs. If you have a child who needs additional support, you can talk to us before the programme starts about strategies that will help them while they’re with us.









Year 6-7 summer transition

5-day programme


05-09 AUGUST 2024


8:40AM - 3:10PM



St Cuthbert Mayne School
Trumlands Road
Torquay, TQ1 4RN
United Kingdom

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St Cuthbert Mayne School

05-09 AUGUST 2024

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Give your child a head start in September

Research from the Education Endowment Foundation has shown that students attending a transition programme can make, on average, two months’ additional progress, compared with students who don’t attend a programme.

Other studies have shown that academic performance often declines in the months leading up to the transition to secondary school, sometimes significantly, in the case of disadvantaged students. The Big Step helps counteract this decline and gives them a much-needed boost at the beginning of Year 7 – a time when they can otherwise feel inadequate and vulnerable.

Kids learn best when they’re having fun

More than just a holiday club, our programme gets children learning new skills while having fun. From sports and arts & crafts, to cookery and team building games, each child’s natural curiosity is nurtured through interactive, stimulating and challenging activities.

Our dedicated, inspiring teachers will identify the needs of each student, and work with them to maintain their numeracy and literacy so knowledge and key skills aren’t forgotten over those long summer months. Students are given a Passport to Success so they can track their progress throughout the week. We also send a report on each child to Year 7 tutors, giving them an insight into their new students before the school year begins.

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In a recent survey, 95% of students said The Big Step helped them prepare for starting secondary school in September.

Priced with affordability in mind

Option to pay in installments or with childcare vouchers.
We’ve carefully reviewed the cost of childcare in your local area and tried to reflect those rates as closely as possible. We want The Big Step to be accessible to everyone. You can either pay in full, in installments, with childcare vouchers or via a private childcare scheme. Your school may also offer a discount. Please get in touch with us for more details.


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What students say...

What students say...

Make the Year 7 intake smoother for students and staff

It’s not only students that benefit from The Big Step.
Our programme enables teachers and support staff to
gain valuable insight into your new students’ academic
and pastoral needs.

We’ll work closely with you adapting our programme to suit the needs of the school. And it doesn’t involve lots of extra work for your time-pushed team. We strive to make this an effortless experience for your school.

We take all the organisation off your hands

During the planning phase, our team will manage the timetable, marketing, bookings, groupings and parent enquiries so you can carry on with the usual day-to-day running of your school.

Our programme is carefully planned with you to:

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