Making 'The Big Step' a smaller step

Teign School

We’re coming to Teign School, Kingsteington. On 19th August 2019 ‘The Big Step’ will deliver a week long summer transition programme for all students starting Teign School in September 2019.


Deadline for booking your child onto our summer programme is Sunday 30th June 2019. 

(payment must be received no later than 14 days prior to commencement)

More than just a holiday club...

… We’re better than that. Our timetable is interactive, challenging and has clear aims. We pride ourselves on providing new students with a smooth and extensive programme where students arrive on their first day of school excited about the next chapter of their education, rather than feeling apprehensive about the journey ahead of them.


We have years of experience, delivering to a number of schools in the South West.


Sneak Peak Of The timetable

We’re really excited about our timetable, and we hope you are too. Why not take a look at some of the activities that we offer.


book online

Booking your child on programme has never been easier. From contact details to payment method, all of this takes place online.​

Year 6 Student Handbook

This is the start of your journey at Teign School.

The schools aim is to make sure that during your time at Teign you become ready for the world, develop a love of learning and your best mind-set, contribute to the wider community, support each other as Teign School students and celebrate the success you achieve. 


Read the ‘YEAR 6 STUDENT HANDBOOK’ for everything you’ll need to know before starting school in September.

making 'the big step' a smaller step

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