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“A brilliant read- fast paced, emotive and exciting from start to finish. We defy anyone to not love this book”

Natasha, Chicken and Frog bookshop, brentwood

curse of the nomed

Partnership for Children is a UK registered charity that helps children to be mentally and emotionally healthy. They have developed a range of well- evidenced programmes to help young children across the entire primary school age range to learn how to deal with difficulties, so that they’ll be better able to cope with problems and crises now and as teenagers and adults.

Along with a number of fantastic online resources for parents and schools, Partnership for Children are involved in a book called ‘Curse of the Nomed’. 

Set on the first day of secondary school, Stef, Nora and Jacob are nervous about being on time and making friends but they didn’t expect to have to worry about an Egyptian Curse! Curse of the Nomed is a great adventure story and also a brilliant starting point for conversations with children around their anxieties about moving schools.

The book is based on orginal ideas from year 8 students of Four Dwellings Academy in Birmingham.

At ‘The Big Step’ we love ‘Curse of the Nomed and want to give all young children attending our summer programme the opportunity to read this book. Partnership for Children have very kindly donated a number of books, which will be used in our partnership of schools. 

Please visit their website to take advantage of their free resources and take a look at all the fantastic work they do in the Uk and countries around the world. 


Partnership for Children

Curse of the Nomed


Making 'The Big Step' a smaller step


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