Dan Leverton

Dan Leverton

Founder and CEO of 'The Big Step'

The ‘Big 4’

...And their forward thinking 'academy trust' working with 'The Big Step' in 2020

Everyone, including the government agrees that summer transition programmes help children in their transition from primary to secondary school. So why after only three years of funding has the government put a stop to a scheme that had so many positive outcomes, for so many young students across the country…

…simply the answer is funding cuts. And with these cuts comes the harsh reality that this decision will affect thousands of young children who need support at such a crucial time in their school career, when they’re making a difficult and daunting transition from primary to secondary school. At this point children move from being a big fish in a relatively small pond to being a very small one in an unfamiliar and overwhelming ocean in comparison. During this transition, a wealth of research shows that academic performance often declines, sometimes markedly in the case of disadvantaged students.

Summer schools are the ideal intervention to stop this waste of potential before it even begins. Having attended a summer school students arrive back to school in September confident and excited for their new journey ahead.

With this funding not likely to return anytime soon, it is our intention to provide affordable opportunities for all students within the South west, providing them with a greater chance of reaching their full potential during a key milestone in their education.

…And after a successful first year, delivering to 60 enthusiastic students from Teign School, we make our very own big step forward, going onto bigger and better things in 2020. We are absolutely delighted with the feedback we received from parents and students, and with the backing from ‘Education South West’ (a forward thinking multi-academy trust here in the south west), we are delighted to announce that we will be delivering programmes to the following four schools in 2020:

  • Kingsbridge Community College
  • Dartmouth Academy
  • Coombeshead Academy
  • Teign school
Thank you to everyone who supported us in 2019. You’ve all helped make a very small idea, become a very BIG reality, and for this we’re truly grateful. 

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